Turn A Profit Using Betting Strategies and Football Betting Tips

Betting on football is as unpredictable as the game itself. Despite all the claims to the contrary, no-one really knows whether any given match will end in a win, draw or loss nor has the insight to accurately predict the outcome of 1×2 bets.

That’s why it’s essential to take a more strategic and fact-based approach to betting – and that means reading our football betting tips and getting immersed in the sport itself. Punting on a whim is not a tactic that can improve your win rate.

Take a Knowledge-Based Approach to Football Betting

Putting in the hours to research a particular football league and the competing teams, players and managers is a good place to start. Once you have all the knowledge you need to make informed betting selections you have laid the foundations for better average returns.

Information is one of the key drivers behind successful sports betting. So too is tapping into the expert opinions of specialist tipsters – the people behind the litany of free betting tips posted on our site.

Use Expert Football Betting Tips as the Benchmark

Our football betting tipsters aren’t fanciful psychics who predict match outcomes according to visions. They spend a large part of their professional lives hunting for value and then extrapolating this value into a series of football betting tips.

Once you have taken the time to familiarise yourself with our free betting tips on all the upcoming fixtures in all the major league and cup competitions in Europe, it’s time to settle on one or two niche markets and formulate a winning strategy.

Focus on One or Two Niche Markets

Whether your betting preference is centred on 1×2 bets, scorecast bets or outright bets, you can develop a betting strategy that can pay off over the long term.

We’ll get into a few popular betting strategies in a moment. Before we do, let’s zoom in on best practice when it comes to developing a betting strategy that works for you… and that includes using our football betting tips as a reference point.

Step-by-Step Guide to Developing a Football Betting strategy

  • Step 1 – Assess the options. There are dozens of strategies you can implement… and hopefully win more 1×2 bets than you lose. Do your homework and you are sure to find the perfect fit for your chosen betting market.
  • Step 2 – Widen your football knowledge. You can do this by reading our football betting tips and keeping abreast with what is happening in the professional game. Any major changes at management level or in a particular squad or tournament structure can have a major impact on the game and how you bet going forward. The recent introduction of the video assistant referee (VAR) system, for instance, may increase the penalty rate and you can use this information to your advantage. Similarly, injuries to the key striker in a team would have obvious repercussions that you can factor into your betting strategy.
  • Step 3 – Deep mine for information. In other words, take all the possible variables into account before placing an outright or 1×2 bet. Consider the minutest details like the weather, the condition of the pitch and the size of the stadium and how they can potentially influence the match and your betting strategy.
  • Step 4 – Give your strategy a ‘dry’ run. Take a few low stakes goalscorer, outright or 1×2 bets and then analyse the results. You may need to factor a few other variables into the equation so as to optimise your tactics.
  • Step 5 – Browse through our free football betting tips before making the final selections. Any strategy backed by the experts has the best chance of delivering positive results.

Best Football Betting Strategies for Beginners

We’ve explored a few popular betting strategies suitable for betting beginners. These are low-risk strategies that you can use, along with our match predictions and free betting tips, to build a bankroll:

Double Chance Betting

Double chance betting is a lucrative betting strategy for risk-averse punters. It’s one bet on two different outcomes in a match – home team and a draw, away team and a draw and home and away team.

It’s the kind of betting strategy to employ when the outcome of a match is tricky to predict… whether you have read our free betting tips or not. When the match result isn’t easy to forecast the odds are longer and the profits on winning bets are that much greater.

Halftime/Fulltime betting

Half- and fulltime betting is another form of double betting where you predict the outcome of both the halftime and fulltime result. Although this strategy carries more risk, the odds are significantly higher than those on standard 1×2 bets.

It’s a great strategy to implement when the home team has odds of around 1.75 to win. That allows you to place two single bets, one on the home team to lead and win and the other on a halftime draw and home team win.

By covering various outcomes associated with a home team win, you’ll have a real opportunity to exploit the odds.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is when the bookmakers give the weaker team a one- or two-goal advantage. It’s a viable betting strategy to implement when sides are not well-matched, as in Watford versus log leaders Liverpool in the English Premier League.

When you bet on the favourite team to win – in this case Liverpool – and win so convincingly they overcome the handicap, and the Reds do just that, you can capitalise on odds that are much higher than conventional match betting odds.

With a proper strategy in place you can exploit the value bets we highlight in our free football betting tips. When that happens, there’s a better than even chance you’ll win more bets than lose.

Go on, take advantage of our match predictions, free betting tips and top odds by the best bookmakers and turn football betting into a profitable business.

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