How to Use Football Betting Tips, Predictions and Odds Like A Pro

Betting on football is a multi-billion-dollar enterprise. It’s also a gambling activity steeped in indecision, contradiction and a fair bit of guesswork.

The truth is the vast majority of football punters bet with their hearts – and that means predicting a winner is more about loyalty than common sense.

How many Chelsea fans do you know who’ll bet on the Blues winning the EPL over the Reds… even though the facts don’t support that particular strategy? More than one or two is our guess!

How can you buck the trend and bet on the league, team or player that has the best probability of achieving a certain outcome? By taking our expert betting predictions and fact-based football betting tips into account… before exchanging cash for the bookmaker’s bet slip!

Betting Predictions – The How, Where and When

Why should you trust our betting predictions and not your own? Well for one we are the experts on football wherever it’s played. That means we have intimate knowledge of the top leagues in Europe – La Liga, Serie A, the English Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Champions League and Europa League.

We also have the inside track to data, stats and information relating to the respective Euro football league tables, the head to head stats and the latest results and scores.

Once we have crunched the numbers and diluted the facts, we present an in-depth analysis of what we expect to happen in upcoming matches. We are even willing to share these invaluable football betting resources directly with you and in a regularly updated format.

We don’t rely on emotion to drive the process and we don’t gaze deeply into a crystal ball to come up with our football betting predictions.

The Fact and Data-Backed Approach to Football Forecasting

We take a fact and data-backed approach to football forecasting that allows us to project the match-winner, number of goals, corners, penalties or cards scored in a game or the player to strike first, last or anytime during a match… all with pinpoint accuracy.

Our football betting predictions are not guesswork. They are the result of hours of teamwork by our in-house statisticians, data analysts, former players and algorithm gurus who use machine learning and AI to hone into all the important aspects of a particular match… and come up with a viable prognosis.

We offer the same high-quality service on all the matches in Europe’s topflight, week in and week out. That means you can tune in to our site on a daily basis and find richly endowed cross-market betting predictions and football betting tips relating to each fixture.

Whether the impending matches include AC Milan versus Torino in the Serie A, a Champions League encounter between Atletico Madrid and Liverpool or a showdown between Chelsea and Manchester United in the English Premier League… you’ll find red-hot football predictions right here!

Cash-In on Expert Betting Tips

Aside from a litany of betting forecasts, we ringfence what we believe are the best bets on all the big games in terms of value for money. These are our contribution to the best ever football betting tips and they take centre stage.

We research all the popular betting markets to find true worth – whether it’s the over and under goals market, the double chance market, handicap betting or the win no draw market.

Once we’ve pounced on what we think is the money-generating bet in a match, we broadcast our findings for free on our site. Now, how cool is that?

Key Criteria for the Best Football Betting Tips

What do we base our football betting tips on? Stuff like current form, home and away advantage, the existing head to head record and injuries and suspensions are invaluable bits and bytes of information that we use to your advantage.

If the match is a league showpiece like the London or Merseyside derby or the legendary El Clasico between Barcelona and Real Madrid, our betting tips reflect the significance of the fixture in relation to the myriad betting markets that are always parts of the action.

The current form of key players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is as vital to the formulation of our football betting tips as the impending changes at management level.

Every possible angle is assessed, analysed and broken down in order for our professional football betting tipsters to come up with the goods.

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Unpack the Odds

There is one final component that you can use to unlock the best possible value every time you bet on football and that is the odds. For many of us, the odds are just random numbers allocated to a particular betting outcome. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

In betting-speak, the odds are the bookmaker’s representation of the probability of a predicted outcome actually coming to fruition – be it Lazio to win the Serie A or Werder Bremen to beat Dortmund in the German Bundesliga.

How do you calculate probability from the odds? In the decimal format, you simply divide 100 by the posted odds.

If for example, the bookmakers are offering outright odds of 1.95 on Manchester City, 2.10 on Bayern Munich and 3.75 on Barcelona winning the Champions League title, the predicted probability is 51 percent, 47 percent and 26 percent respectively.

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Determine Potential Pay-Outs

You can also use the odds to reveal the potential pay-out of a wager. All you have to do is multiply your stake by the posted odds.

Had you wagered 50 on Barca winning the league, for instance, and the bet was successful you’d bank 187.50 compared to just 97.50 if Manchester City triumphed overall.

When you use a combination of our betting predictions, football betting tips and the bookmakers’ odds you can quickly and easily find the bets with the best value and convert that value into cash winnings… at least some of the time!